CP Coya+ Soft Touch White #801


  • ODSA Protection System
  • Infinity Adjustable Ventilation System for Changing Conditions
  • Removable & Washable Earpads
  • Removable & Washable Wool Blend Lining
  • Hybrid Construction | EPS Material Super Lightweight & Strong
  • Double Lens Visor or Single Lens Visor Options
  • Easy to Use One-Handed Size Control
  • Changeable Visor for Different Skiing Light Conditions
  • Visor Easily Fits Over Glasses
  • All CP Ski Helmets are European CE Test Seal Approved
  • All CP Ski Helmets are American ASTM Approved
  • The Vario Lens Adjusts to Changing Light Conditions


New #801 Coya+ Women’s White Visor Ski Helmet

Introducing the #801 Coya+ white visor ski helmet for women from CP Sports in Switzerland. The newest addition to the line of the best visor ski helmets made is a lighter and lower profile edition made specifically for women skiers. Experience all the benefits of a visor ski helmet; wider field of vision, greater protection and comfort, one less piece of ski gear to concern yourself with and more, all in a new design tuned to the female aesthetic.

The soft white is a lovely shade that goes with any ski jacket so you can wear this helmet with different outfits throughout the season. The low profile not only feels better and less top heavy than higher profile ski helmets but looks less obtrusive as well.


The Infinity Adjustable Ventilation is the CP designed climate control system that you can adjust with a single sliding bar on the top of the helmet. This bar is easy to operate with gloves on and without taking the helmet off so you can control the airflow into your helmet on the chairlift or even on the ski slope.

The earpads are removable which allows this helmet to be further customizable to climate. There is a big difference between a mid-winter powder day and sunny spring skiing and the adjustability of this helmet lets it work for you all season long.

The #801 is lined with a removable & washable wool blend lining that is soft to the touch and wicks moisture with easy creating a cozy and dry atmosphere inside your helmet.


The level of protection offered by the ODSA (Omni-Directional Shock Absorption) protection system engineered for CP helmets makes them one of the best visor ski helmets made. Two separate polystyrene shells are connected to one another by three gel pads, the gel remains elastic in cold and has shape memory so they return to its original shape after a fall or other stress. The individual shells separated with these pads allow them to effectively absorb a glancing blow, the kind that are linked to concussions, and deflect it in all directions. All CP ski helmets are American ASTM and European CE Test Seal approved.


We are offering the #801 with three visors at three different price points, each visor is optimized for a different lighting on the mountain and like all CP visor ski helmets additional visors can be purchased and easily interchanged.

DL Vario BR POL WP Mirror #29
The #29 Double Lens Vario Brown Polarized Water Pink Mirror visor fits in the CP COMFORT LENS range suitable for all light conditions as it has outstanding glare protection.  The Vario or photochromatic properties of the visor further enhance its ability to perform in a wide variety of conditions. The polarization of this lens reduces reflections on snow and ice and increases contrast.

DL Vario Gold Visor #30
The #30 Double Lens Gold Mirror Vario Visor is a newer Lens from CP that adjust to light conditions while the gold mirror makes looking through these lenses  have the feeling of brightening your view of your world.  This is the second best visor of the double lens range for all light variable weather conditions. The Double Lens design makes this visor really strong, with great protection for faceplant type crashes. Complete with 100% UV protection this visor is protecting you all the way around.

DL Vario WP Mirror Visor #20
The #20 Double Lens Vario Water Ponk Mirror Visor visor accentuates the texture and contours of the snow in poor light allowing you to ski confidently in any conditions. This is a double lens visor with anti-fog between the lenses and photo-chromatic properties to adjust to changing light conditions.

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#29 DL Vario BR POL WP Mirror, #30 DL Vario Gold Visor, #20 DL Vario WP Mirror Visor


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