DL Vario POL Red Mirror Visor #28


  • Double Lens
  • Red Mirror
  • Anti-Fog Between Lenses
  • Vario (Light Intelligent Photochromatic)
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Square Form 2.7 Shape
  • Polarized
  • Ideal for All or Bright Light Conditions


This CP Visor #28 DL Vario POL Red Mirror ski visor is a polarized lens that is ideal for medium to bright light conditions. This is a really cool looking visor that is a good all around visor but excels on sunny days. This is a double lens visor with anti-fog between the lenses and “Vario” photochromatic properties to adjust to changing light conditions.

This Red Mirror Ski Visor comes in the new 2.7 shape and is one of CP All-In-One Ski Helmts “Comfort Lens”.  These Comfort Lenses are polarized and have the self-toning photochromic feature that allow the lens to change based on light conditions. Additionally they offer 100% UV-protection to protect your skin and eyes that is accentuated but the supremely functional mirror coating. These Comfort lenses help the eyes enjoy a long, eye fatigue-free day of being on the slopes. This can improve focus and concentration allowing you to ski safer and at your best ability. The Comfort Lenses are the premier lenses in the comprehensive range of high-quality visors from CP Sports.

Like all other CP visors, they are made of high-quality, shock- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate to protect you and for long life. It is always a good idea to get one of our affordable Visor Ski Helmet Hard Cases to protect your investment. Or an even more affordable option is our simple Protective Visor Cover.

The #28 is an all light visor thanks to the combination of the Polarization and Mirror lens but as it excels in medium and bright light you could add the SL Ice Blue Visor # 18 for flat light conditons.


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