The Perfect Ski Helmet Fit

CP Visor Ski Helmets are legendary for their excellent ski helmet fit and this is thanks in large part to the design process that has continued to improve in safety, looks, and comfort for many years. To compliment this out of the box great fit our helmets come with the Size Adapting System to further customize the fit and allow you to do so not only daily but on the fly while skiing. A rotating ring in the helmet controlled by a simple dial that can be adjusted effortlessly with millimetric precision without even having to take off your gloves.

Visor Fit

The fit of the helmet is important because of comfort and safety, but equally important is the fit of the visor to your face. Our system allows you a way to customize the fit of the visor. With two different size foam strips the perfect seal between the visor and your face can be achieved.

Inches 20-21 22 23 24 24.5-25.5
European(CM) 53-55 56-58 58-60 60-62 62-63

Our Ski Helmet Fit Guarantee

ski helmet fitUse our size guide to determine the best fit for you, if you receive the helmet and it is too big or too small we will cover shipping both ways on a larger or smaller helmet!
All CP Helmets have the SIZE ADAPTING SYSTEM that allows you to dial in your ski helmet fit perfectly with the turn of a dial while wearing the helmet. This incredible system will allow you to adjust the size of your helmet almost one full size.

Additionally the visor can be modified with foam strips of different thickness to fully customize the fit of the visor to your face. Never before has a visor helmet been this customizable.

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Fit Guarantee does not apply to sale helmets as we have limited availability in those models.

*Head measurement is circumference above eyebrows.