Pro Review

Pro Ski Helmet Review from Manuela and Joni Valentia in Portillo Chili, the best ski helmet with visor either has ever worn. Don’t take our word for it enjoy the video and see what these ladies who spend over one hundred days a year on snow have to say about their experience with CP Visor Ski Helmets.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Manuela and I am a ski in instructor in St. Moritz Switzerladn and here in Portillo Chile.

Hi, I am Joni Valentine and I am a long time ski pro for the ski and snowboard schools of Aspen.

I really like this helmet because it is really soft.

I am having so much fun, I love this helmet. The inside liner is a Loro Piana designed fabric and it feels so soft and comfortable I could wear it every single day on the mountain.

And it is really light.

I also love the ease of the visor, it has a really good fit. I have tested these visors before.

But (with other visor ski helmet) what I did not like is that the air came through underneath the visor.

Sometimes the snow and wind gets up into your eyes.

With this helmet it is not a problem at all.

This one (the visor) move so easily.

So I can close close it

And it has a really nice tight snug seal around your face

And it is perfectly closed underneath

It also provides amazing sun protection

I think about it to buy one in the future for myself

End Transcript

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