Music & More

visor ski helmet audio earpadsLooking for a ski helmet with music? The CP Audio and Communication System is equipped with speakers built into the earpads and a microphone attached to the left ear. A Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to your device to play music, listen to books and more. Equipped with voice command to answer calls you can keep in touch while sneaking out to hit the slopes at your favorite ski area.

The speakers are of the highest quality for crystal clear sound with noise reduction to reduce contrast create by the wind.

Additionaly, the CP Audio Communication System allows you to communicate with other skiers using the same system. Never again do you need to worry about losing your friends on a powder day.

The system comes with two options for the ear pads, Standard and Leather. These removable ear pads not only let you listen to your favorite music while skiing but protect you from the cold and snow. The ear pads are designed to allow you to still hear the world around you for safety while hearing your music in crystal clear audio.

We offer the music and audio earpads in black faux leather, white leather and black leather (black leather is currently out of stock. Shop our Audio and Communication Systems here.

Swapping out your existing earpads with our audio earpads does not even require tools and only takes moments, they simply slide into place and you are all set. Pair with your phone via Bluetooth connection to listen to music, podcast, books and more. Skiing single you can listen to your favorite book on the chairlift and change it to music for the downhill!

Add either the Standard or Leather system to any of our visor ski helmets and you have a ski helmet with music to expand your world!

ski helmet removable ear pads