Omni-Directional Shock Absorption system (ODSA)

The ODSA protection system makes CP helmets their ski helmet with visors a very safe helmet, offering a high level of protection against different types of falls. The principal reason for wearing a ski helmet is protection, warmth and comfort are additional benefits but preventing a brain injury is the primary purpose of the helmet. Even the best ski helmets cannot always prevent traumatic injuries to the brain, especially in falls where the helmet hits the surface at an angle. The forces resulting from these types of falls can cause the brain to skid resulting in craniocerebral trauma.

The ODSA, Omni Directional Shock Absorption system is designed to protect not only in perpendicular falls but this type of angled falls as well. The primary elements of the ODSA system consist of two separate polystyrene shell that are connected to one another by three gel pads. The technology for this gel was originally developed for use in industry and medicine and the application of this gel material for protection in case of a collision or fall is a perfect use of its properties. The gel remains elastic in cold and have shape memory so they return to their original shape after a fall or other stress. When the helmet is struck at an angle the ODSA system allows the helmet to effectively absorb the blow and deflect it in all directions.

Additional temple and forehead protection is provided by a glass fiber-reinforced polyurethane cushioning ribbon that is affixed to the shell.

So as you can see not only does the CP Visor Ski Helmet offer a great fit, superior visibility and maximum comfort but a high level of protection against different types of falls one can take while skiing. If you want a safe ski helmet with style and comfort these are the ski helmets for you!

ODSA Safe Ski Helmets