DL Vario WP Mirror Visor #20


  • Double Lens
  • Water Pink Mirror
  • Anti-Fog Between Lenses
  • Vario (Light Intelligent Photochromatic)
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Square Form 2.7 Shape
  • Ideal for Low Light Conditions


This CP “DL” Double Lens Ski Helmet Visor #20 Vario WP Mirror Visor is water pink colored visor that is ideal for low light conditions but without the single lens visors problem of not being able to rub when wet. This visor accentuates the texture and contours of the snow in poor light allowing you to ski confidently in any conditions. This is a double lens visor with anti-fog between the lenses and photo-chromatic properties to adjust to changing light conditions.

Whats the difference between single and double lens visors

For flat light and snowy weather conditions the best is still a single lens visor because the visibility through one lens is better than through 2 lenses. The disadvantage is the fact that the anti fog coating is exposed on the inside of the lens. This coating is slightly sticky and if rubbed will come off. The cleaning if wet has to be done very carefully and can only be dabbed or air cleaned, no rubbing.

This problem is solved with the double lens visor because the coating is in between the 2 lenses and therefore cannot be damaged. The tradeoff is that the visibility through 2 lenses is slightly filtered or reduced.

The double lens concept is ideal for maintaining and cleaning when the visor is wet.

Add one of our Protective Visor Covers to your order to further protect your All In One Ski Helmet Visor and extend its life for many ski seasons to come.


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