DL Vario BR POL WP Mirror #29


  • Double Lens
  • Brown WP (Water Pink) Mirror
  • Anti-Fog Between the Lenses
  • Vario (Light Intelligent Photochromatic)
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Square Form 2.7 Shape
  • Polarized
  • Ideal for All Light Conditions


Visor #29 DL Vario BR POL WP (Water Pink) Mirror Ski Helmet Visor comes in the CP COMFORT LENS Range. This is the sister visor #20 which is not polarized.

This brown visor ski helmet lens with a light pink tint is an all-weather lens is suitable for all light conditions as it has outstanding glare protection. All DL double lens visors have the anti-fog coating in the back of the front lens and therefore cannot be damaged by cleaning it. CP‘s self-toning visors effectively supports and relieves your eyes in changing light conditions. thanks to the Vario or Photochromatic ability of the lens. With 100 % UV protection from the sun both directly and reflecting off the snow this visor protects your skin and your eyes from exposure while skiing.

The Vario or photochromatic properties of the visor further enhance its abilities to perform in a wide variety of conditions. For those who want one all around visor this will be a great choice and the unique color really enhances the black and carbon ski helmets look.

Double lens visors also offer more protection in case of crashes where you land on your face and tend to be more durable over time. It is always a great idea to get one of our visor ski helmet hard cases to protect your investment and keep it scratch free and looking new for years.

The #29 visor is very similar to the #28 as both are polarized but are different in how much light comes through the lens. The #29 allows slightly more light to come through and meet the eye.

The polarized lens of this brown mirror ski helmet visor lens reduces reflections on snow and ice and increases contrast.

Light transmission VLT: 47% – 37% Light absorption: 63% – 53%


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