About Men's Visor Ski Helmets

Men’s Visor Ski Helmets from the legendary Swiss all-in-one ski helmet maker CP Sports.

Shop from a wide selection of colors and styles in three different models the Camurai, Carachillo and the new Corao +. The new Corao + comes with the newest in safety the Omni Directional Safety (ODSA) system that helps protect the brain in angled falls that have been known to cause concussions.

All these helmets are compatible with the TWIINS Bluetooth Communication and Audio system that lets you listen to music and even communicate with friends while skiing.

We have several models of Carbon Fiber ski helmets offering you the lightest material being used in shells today and one that distributes impact forces better than traditional material making them even safer.

All helmets can be ordered with additional visors that are easily changed so you can have the perfect lens for whatever conditions for every day on the slopes.