CP Camurai White #101


  • Camurai is the Gold Standard of Visor Ski Helmets
  • Controllable Air System for Changing Conditions
    Easy to Use One Handed Size Control
  • Changeable Visor for Different Skiing Light Conditions
  • Visor Easily Fits Over Glasses
  • Removable Ear-pads Allow You To Customize Your Helmet
  • All CP Ski Helmets are European CE Test Seal Approval


#101 CP Camurai White Visor Ski Helmet

This elegant women’s white ski helmet with visor is the best selling model in the Camurai line, maybe due to the versatility of the pearl white with a variety of skiwear. This helmet is especially popular with ladies, first due to the increased performance and safety one gets with CP visor ski helmets and then most likely due to the elegant design of the Swiss made product. The pearl white is a gloss white that pops against other colors.


The Camurai is a hybrid type ski helmet that combines the advantages of a hard outer shell and a lighter inmold shell.T he hard-shell made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene giving the helmet maximum strength and the inmold lining gives it a light weight, without sacrificing comfort.

Visor Options for the CP White Ski Helmet:

Visor #29 DL Vario BR POL WP Mirror COMFORT LENS Range
The all-weather lens is suitable for all light conditions as it has outstanding glare protection. ALL DL double lens visors have the anti-fog coating in the back of the front lens and therefore cannot be damaged by cleaning it. CP‘s self tanning visor effectively supports and relieves your eyes in changing light conditions. 100 % UV protection. The #29 visor is very similar to the #28 as both are polarized but are different in how much light comes through the lens. The #29 allows slightly more light to come through and meet the eye.
The polarized lens reduces reflections on snow and ice and increases contrast.
Light transmission VLT: 47% – 37% Light absorption: 63% – 53%

The #23 Double Lens Vario SI Mirror
The #23 visor is a variable all-weather lens that adapts to weather conditions allowing you to see and ski in all kinds of light. The Vario stands for photocromic has an anti-fog coating and thus prevents the formation of condensation allowing you to ski aggressively without loosing the ability to see, one of the most frustrating experiences with traditional ski goggles. The CP self tanning visor effectively supports and relieves your eyes in changing light conditions. This visor also offers 100% UV protection which is a great benefit considering the power of the glare off of snow at times.

Visor #03 Clear No Mirror

This is a basic single lens visor in the tear drop Form 1.6, still works for all weather conditions. Good visibility since there is only one lens to look through and absorb light. Since there is no colored mirror on this lens it is advisable to wear sunglasses under it on sunny days to protect against sun glare.
This lens is like all CP visor lenses equipped with antifog coating in back of the lens and has 100% UV protection. There is enough space under the visor to wear eye- or sunglasses.


The controllable air system lets you keep a cool head on hot runs. This CP-developed adjustable cooling system provides a pleasant climate to the helmet’s interior space without blowing cold air around the head. The ease of adjustment allows you to open it on the chair lift as you are skiing.

Additional information

Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions N/A

With #3 Clear Visor, With #23 DL Vario SI Mirror, With #29 DL Pol Vario BR WP Mirror


Small, Medium, Large, XL


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