CP Corao+ White Matt 421



CP Corao+ White Matt with Black Shiny Body 421

The Corao+ line of All In One Ski Helmets from CP Sports is their newest line, debuting for the 2022-2023 ski season. This CP Corao+ White Matt with Black Shiny Body 421 visor ski helmet has seen several upgrades the most significant of which is the “ODSA” system, or Omni Directional Shock Absorption system. This system was designed to address falls where the helmet hits the surface at an angle and not perpendicularly which is a significant percentage of the falls in skiing. The resulting force of the helmet hitting the surface at an angle causes the brain to skid increasing the chance of traumatic brain injury. The two separate polystyrene shells that connect to each other by three gel pads can more effectively absorb and deflect the force of impact in all directions and thus reduce the chance of injury. Even further protection for forehead and temples is offered by the Corao+ with a cushioning glass fibre-reinforced polyurethane ribbon that is affixed on the shell.

This CP Corao+ White Matt with Black Shiny Body 421 visor ski helmet also features CP’s most comprehensive venting system with the Active Ventilation system that can be can be regulated at will to control the temperature and moisture in your helmet. This makes this helmet perfect for cold mid-winter to warm spring conditions.

The earpads are removable to further adapt to conditions and allow you to replace them with the Bluetooth operated CP Audio and Communication System. The he inside of the earpads is made of the same material as the inner lining of the helmet which is extremely comfortable while giving you shelter from the wind and cold, without muffling sound and impairing your ability to hear other skiers around you.


The #26 visor is a specially colored visor with high-grade multiple mirror coating ensures a vision with extremely sharp contrast in any light condition. Furthermore, the Comfort Lens adjusts to the actual brightness: in very bright light the shading will increase automatically, while the visor will get clearer once the sun disappears. In addition, the polarized layer will drastically reduce glares and reflections of snow and ice. All these special features will allow for an effortless vision all day long.

100% UV protection

Light transmission VLT: 46% – 36%
Light absorption: 64% – 54%

Protection level: S1-S2

Visor #23 DL Vario Silver Mirror 2.7
The Silver Mirror #23 lens for CP visor ski helmets is a basic double lens and anti-fog coating. The Vario affect changes with lighting conditions, skiing the in the shade on one run and in the sun the next and this lens adapts to accommodate. The mirror lens offers the ultimate in protections for your valuable eyes offering 100% UV protection. Combined with the DL (double lens) you are getting the highest quality most durable visor made. Topped of with the anti-fog coating to keep the lens from fogging up when you are charging hard down your favorite double black run, where every turn counts! Visor Detail: Light transmission VLT: 23% – 18%, Light absorption: 82% – 87%, Protection level: S2 – S1
* DL Double Lens
* Vario lens or Photochromatic
* Favors Bright Light
* Anti Fog Coating
* 100% UV Protection
* Optically correct

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26 DL Vario Brown Pol Ice Mirror, 23 DL Vario Silver Mirror


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