DL Vario Silver Mirror Visor #23


  • Double Lens
  • Silver Ice Mirror
  • Anti-Fog Between Lenses
  • Vario (Light Intelligent Photochromatic)
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Round 1.6 Shape
  • Polarized
  • Ideal for Mid Light Conditions


The CP #23 DL Vario Silver Mirror Ski Helmet Visor for CP all in one ski helmets is a top of the line lens with the latest Vario glass, a double lens and anti-fog coating. The Vario affect changes with lighting conditions, skiing the in the shade on one run and in the sun the next and this lens adapts to accommodate.

The mirror lens offers the ultimate in protections for your valuable eyes offering 100% UV protection. Combined with the DL (double lens) you are getting the highest quality most durable visor made. Topped of with the anti-fog coating to keep the lens from fogging up when you are charging hard down your favorite double black run, where every turn counts!

All CP visors are made of high-quality, shock- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate to proctect both you and your visor. For additional protection you can add a Protective Cover for the visor or go all the way and get an All In One Visor Ski Helmet Hard Case to keep your helmet looking brand new for years.

The Photochromatic properties of the Vario lens allow this Silver Mirror Ski Helmet Visor to work well in a wide spectrum of the mid-light range, so while very versatile is does not excel at the extreme ends of light conditions. For those wanting the absolute best visor for each condition you could pair this visor with the DL Vario Polarized Mirror #29 for bright light and the SL Ice Blue Visor for low light conditions.

Visor Detail: Light transmission VLT: 23% – 18%, Light absorption: 82% – 87%, Protection level: S2 – S1

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 cm


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