DL Vario BR Pol Ice Mirror Visor #26


  • Double Lens
  • Blue Ice Mirror
  • Anti-Fog Between Lenses
  • Vario (Light Intelligent Photochromatic)
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Square Form 2.7 Shape
  • Polarized
  • Ideal for All Light Conditions


Visor #26 DL Vario BR Pol Ice Mirror is one of our polarized ski visors that comes in the COMFORT LENS Range in the new 2.7 square form visor shape.

This is our top of the line polarized ski visor for CP Visor Ski Helmets, this lens has everything, the Double lens with a Polarized outer lens and an anti fog coating between the lenses.  The Polarization improves contrast on sunny days when the  bright light can wash out texture on the slopes. This is the most versatile lens for any weather condition. It features a high contrast level for cloudy and snowy days and since its photo-chromatic or “Vario” so it will get darker in sunny days from the exposure to the sun. The lens is also equipped with a light blueish mirror further reducing the glare effect. This is an all weather lens for the skier who does not want to change lenses, this works equally as well on blue bird days as it does on flat light days thanks to the Vario properties and mirror effect.

All of our visors offer a wider peripheral field of vision over traditional ski goggles and the ease of not having to carry separate goggles as well as the ability to simply flip up the visor when riding the chair or booting to hike to terrain.

But kind of like anything this versatile if you want the best lens for the worst light days go with a Single Lens Rose like our #20 as it is made for that kind of condition and for the days with the brightest light we recommend the Flash Blue Mirror Visor #4 offering the highest level of light reduction.

The sister visor for this #26 is the #16 which is in the teardrop form.

Visor Detail: Light Absorbtion: 20–81%, Light transmission VLT: 9–43%, Protection level: S1–S3


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