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More and more people are biking to work, to social events, to go grocery shopping, to just about everything really. Between the density of traffic these days in cities and the development of bike ways that end up being faster in some cases, combined with the health and fitness benefits it is a no brainer really. Why wouldn’t you take your bike when you get to be outside, don’t have to deal with traffic and get to get a little exercise in while you are at it.

Now you may have heard the saying, the best helmet is the one you are wearing, which is true, at Stefan Kaelin we support you always wearing a bike helmet when commuting whether it be ours or another companies. But, we happen to think there are some things about our urban bike helmet that make it pretty special, and since these are a new product we wanted to make sure everyone know about them. So todays post is about the all new CP Carachillo Urban Bike Helmet imported by Stefan Kaelin direct from Switzerland.

commuter bike helmet

A bike commuter has different needs from a helmet than say a mountain or road biker, lightweight and lots of vents are really not your highest priority. So what are the needs for a commuter bike helmet? Well protection is number one and all our helmets are certified to both U.S. and European standards, even for E-Bikes. That’s right this is a certified E-Bike helmet!

So what else besides doing its job does this helmet have that makes it so special. The biggest thing that sets this helmet apart from other urban bike helmets is the visor. You get complete protection for your eyes from road debris, rain, snow, whatever. It also allows you to see clearly in bad weather and it fits over your sunglasses so you can wear those with the visor down. So with the visor bike helmet you get increased protection and visibility, and if you are riding are a regular basis this will greatly increase the safety or your commute.

The helmet has venting and removable ear pads to adjust for comfort, keep them in in winter and take them out in summer. It also has a one-handed adjustable size adapting system so you can adjust on the fly. Whether you just got a haircut or want to wear a hat under the helmet, with our size system the helmet adjusts in a second.

commuter Bike Helmet Wood Grain

Our helmets come in 4 sizes, Small = 53 – 55, Medium = 56 – 58, Large = 58 – 60 and X Large = 60 – 62 so we are sure to have the right size for you. They also come in 4 great colors Black, Metallic Silver, White and Wood Grain.

Stefan Kaelin is a Swiss Olympic and World Cup ski racer who has been importing the best ski equipment from Switzerland into the U.S. since his retirement from racing. Building on the success of our best in class visor ski helmets we are now happy to offer visor bike helmets for the bike commuter.

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