Stascha Kaelin and Billy Kid

Video Transcript

I am here with Billy Kid and Stasche Kaelin on top of Steamboat Springs and we have the pleasure to ski with him.

Billy, I see you have an interesting helmet on there.

This is a Stefah Kaelin helmet, Stefan and I used to race together in the Olympics. He always had the best looking gear, the best looking jackets, gloves, but helmets… I like this helmet because it is so functional, first of all it is comfortable.

I notice you wear your glasses underneath.

This fits over my glasses really well so I can ski without them fogging. So I can see the bumps and I can have the advantage of never losing my goggles. That’s very hand as you get a little older.

And it comes in different colors, very important for women.

Yes I like this one, are those real diamonds?

Of course, of course, and it comes in red.

Because you are color coordinated, it is the most important thing when you go skiing.

Make sure that your helmet matches your gloves and your outfit, and your skis.

Wow, it is fun to ski with you.

Welcome to Steamboat, let’s go out and do some research.

Let’s make some turns, that’s great, thank you Billy.

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