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carichillo visor ski helmet 728252New Carachillo Visor Ski Helmet for 2019 Ski Season

The best Visor helmets for skiing like a lot of the best ski gear being made comes from Europe. This is why at Stefan Kaelin Ski we have chosen to import CP Visor Ski Helmets as our choice of an integrated ski helmet to import and distribute from our online ski shop.

New for the 2018 / 2019 ski season CP has come out with the next evolution of visor ski helmets and once again raised the bar, the Carachillo has a modern and cool design with a minimalist look that matches the design trends of today’s ski gear. So besides this elegant look what distinguishes the new CP CARACHILLO visor ski helmet from the rest, read on and learn.


The Carachillo comes with six air vents so you can quickly drop heat when things warm up. If you are a skier who tends to overheat this is crucial, as once you start to sweat excessively it becomes harder to control your temperature. These vents are ideal for skiers who like to access hike to terrain. If you have ever hiked the Aspen Highlands Bowl you know how demanding the hike can be, and on even the coldest days you get hot quick on the way up. With the Carachillo climate control system you can keep cool during the hike and then close the vents once you get to the summit and you are good to go.

In addition to the vents this helmet has removable ear pads provide reliable protection against cold, wind and wetness. The sophisticated construction of the ear pads ensures the acoustics for communication and being able to hear on the slopes remain clear while providing warmth and protection. With the vents and removable ear pads you can extend the ski season for our helmet, with the adjustments on this ski helmet with attached visor you can wear this helmet from opening day to the closing party.

Next let’s talk about the fit of this great ski helmet with visor for men and women, the famous SIZE ADAPTING SYSTEM specifically developed for this new model. This system give you the perfect fit with a twist of the wrist. The dial lock adjustment that controls the floating internal suspension allows the helmet adjust to fit your head like a glove without any pressure points.

The Visor

So what really makes visor ski helmets different than a traditional helmet is in the name, the visor. The open lens ensures a wider peripheral vision in comparison to standard goggles which lets you see more clearly on the slope, everything from trees to other skiers are easier to see.

The visor also offers more protection to the face, thanks to its visor’s larger surface area if you crash into a tree or have your skis come off you get more protection from these hazards. Ever fall in spring snow that has hardened overnight, you will definitely appreciate this protection.

Other benefits of a ski helmet with an attached visor is never having to worry about forgetting or losing your goggles, we have all had that experience of getting to the mountain and realizing your forget your goggles. Ever have your goggle fall of because of a loose elastic band? This too is a thing of the past!


Our visor ski helmets have two of the worlds best certifications, CE EN 1077, ASTM F2040

The CE EN 1077 is the European standard for snow sports helmets including skiing and snowboarding. These standards cover provisions for field of vision, shock absorbing properties, retention system and fastening devices.  While skiing or snowboarding there’s a risk of poles, skis or branches penetrating the helmet. The resistance to penetration is tested by dropping a hammer with the mass of 3 kg from 75cm onto a sharp cone shaped metal punch placed against the helmet. The most important is the shock absorbing capacity of the helmet. This is tested in a specialized instrument where the helmet is dropped at a speed of 5,42 m/s onto a solid metal anvil with a 4 kg metal head inside.

The ASTM F2040 is the United States verification, this specification defines performance requirements for helmets used in nonmotorized recreational snow sports.  Although a helmet that meets this specification will help reduce the risk of some types of injuries to the head at slower speeds, the protection is limited. The user is responsible for participating in the sport within his/her abilities and the nature of the snow conditions which may vary widely. Compliance with the common sense rules of the sport’s safety, including any applicable responsibility codes, is essential to help reduce the risk of personal injury.

Now that you have an idea of how awesome this new visor ski helmet is, click here to see the Carachillo Visor Ski Helmet and find the one that fits your look!

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