About Visor Ski Helmets

Choose from a wide selection of visor ski helmets for women and men from CP Sports. Made in Switzerland and sold in the United States by legendary Olympic and World Cup ski racer Stefan Kaelin.

New this year we are introducing the Corao + line of all in one ski helmets with our new ODSA (Omni Directional Shock Absorption) system that helps protect you from angled falls that are known to cause concussions. Comparable to the MIPS system seen in other brands of ski helmets.

We have the new Corao + line in a variety of colors in a matte finish and a shiny finish as well as some with a plush cashmere lining. We are also excited to introduce this great new helmet in Carbon Fiber. There are few Carbon Fiber ski helmets where the entire shell is made of this material, in fact many just have a pattern overlaid on the helmet. Because of the way this material distributes the impact forces and of its lighter weight you are getting one of the safest lightest ski helmets made.

Looking for a more affordable visor ski helmet check out the CP Carachillo line and the Camurai collection has been our best seller for several years now.