CP Coya+ Pink 803


  • ODSA Protection System
  • Infinity Adjustable Ventilation System for Changing Conditions
  • Removable & Washable Earpads
  • Removable & Washable Wool Blend Lining
  • Hybrid Construction | EPS Material Super Lightweight & Strong
  • Two Double Lens Visor Options
  • Easy to Use One-Handed Size Control
  • Changeable Visor for Different Skiing Light Conditions
  • Visor Easily Fits Over Glasses
  • All CP Ski Helmets are European CE Test Seal Approved
  • All CP Ski Helmets are American ASTM Approved
  • The Vario Lens Adjusts to Changing Light Conditions


Coya+ #803 Women’s Visor Ski Helmet in Pink

The Coya+ women’s visor skl helmet is the newest addition to the line from CP with a design, profile and weight optimized for women. The Coya+ 803 in pink is also a new color from CP and offers female skiers a vibrant option outside the traditional black, white and silver we see so much of on the ski slopes.

The most significant evolution of the Coya+ is the lower profile and lower weight from previous models. You will feel the difference when skiing and appreciate the low profile appearance as it does not distract as it blends more seamlessly into your overall look on the slopes.

The vents in the helmet have a chevron design accent that is mirrored in the earpads turning this functional element into a fashion statement.

Like all visors you get a wider field of vision than you do with traditional ski goggles as well as more protection from forward falls. The visor also fits easily over glasses where ski goggles do not and the ease of flipping up the visor cannot be overstated. Lastly with all the gear you have to keep track of for a day of skiing having the visor attached to the helmet means you have one less thing to keep track of.


The combination of removable earpads and the adjustability of the Infinity Adjustable Ventilation system allow you to control the climate inside your helmet with precision and ease. The ventilation system is controlled by a slider on top of the helmet that can be easily adjusted with gloves on while wearing the helmet allowing you to dial in the comfort in real time. The combination of these features make this helmet perfect for the entire ski season from mid winter stormy days to sunny spring corn skiing.


Like all CP helmets the Coya+ women’s visor ski helmet is American ASTM and European CE Test Seal approved. With the recent addition of the ODSA, Omni Directional Shock Absorption system the Cpya+ is designed to protect not only in perpendicular falls but angled falls as well. Studies of brain injuries in skiing have shown that it is these type of angled falls that are often linked to concussions. Compare the ODSA system developed in Europe to the Mips system developed here in the United States. Additional protection to the forehead and temples is provided by a glass fiber-reinforced polyurethane cushioning affixed to the shell.


The #803 pink visor ski helmet comes with two visor options the #29 and the #23.

DL Vario BR POL WP Mirror #29
The #29 is a fully featured top of the line Double Lens Visor with anti-fog between the lenses where the coating is protected. Being a Vario lens it is photochromatic meaning it adjusts to lighting conditions in real time. The Polarization accentuated details in the snow allowing you to ski more confidently. The Water Pink Mirror lens reduces reflections and further increases contrast making this one of our most popular lens options.

#23 DL Vario Silver Mirror
The #23 is an all-weather Double Lens visor that is suitable for all light conditions thanks to the  outstanding glare protection provided by the Mirror lens.. This is what CP calls a “self tanning” visor which supports and relieves your eyes in changing conditions. This visor has 100 % UV protection and an anti-fog coating.

Audio and Communication

Add the CP Audio and Communication System with speakers built into the earpads and a microphone attached to the left ear. The design of the audio earpads is different than the ones that come with the Coya+ so this will change the look of the helmet. A Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to your device to play music and more. Use the voice command to answer calls you can keep in touch with your group on the slopes.


Additional information

Weight N/A
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Small, Medium


#29 DL Vario BR POL WP Mirror, #23 DL Vario Silver Mirror


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