CP Screwplates and Support Rings


Screwplates for attaching the visor to your helmet.

These fit sizes of these models of CP Sports Visor Ski Helmets: all Corao, Cuma, Camurai and Coya.
They come 2 each.


Visor Screwplates and Support Rings for attaching a visor to a CP Sports visor ski helmet. These come in a small package that includes a pair of two screwplates black and black support rings.

These visor screwplates fit models: Corao, Cuma, Camurai and Coya no matter what size.

They are easy to install. Caution is to be given to the direction of the support ring arrow which needs to look forward toward the visor. The support rings function guides the position of the visor.

Please don’t forget to occasionally tighten the plate screws that hold the visor to the helmet, by moving the visor up and down these screws can loosen up.

Looking for a new visor for you CP Sports Visor Ski Helmet click here!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Screwplates & support rings

Package 2 screwplates 2 support rings


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