TWIINS Bluetooth Communication and Ski Helmet Audio White Leather


  • Hands Free Voice Answering: Answer calls just by saying “hello”
  • Dual Link: Stay connected to your phone while speaking to other skiers
  • Can remain connected to 2 phones
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Using TWIINS APP and Push To Talk accessory, you can talk with your friends on the mountain while skiing. Never get separated again!
  • Music ready
  • GPS integrated


Integrate the TWIINS Bluetooth Communication and ski helmet speakers into your CP Sports visor ski helmet and experience high quality audio that lets you listen to music, podcasts and books while you ski. The “Communication” aspect of the audio system includes a built in microphone that lets you make phone calls and talk to other users of the system while on the mountain.

The hands-free system responds to voice command that allows you to take calls without taking your ski gloves off. No longer will you need to worry about dropping your cell phone while on a chairlift the TWIINS ski helmet speakers with microphone lets you take important calls hands free! When the call is done the system goes back to your music automatically.

The TWIINS phone application allows you to use a “Push To Talk” feature that lets you talk with your friends on the ski hill who are using the same system. Never loose your group again with this amazing feature. The convenience of this feature to find family on the mountain or meetup for lunch cannot be overstated, it is really a game changer for your group skiing experience.

This model is the white leather option that looks great on the all white visor ski helmets or our bi-color models like the CP Camurai Carbon White 112.

The TWIINS system fits the following helmet models: Corao +, Carachillo, Camurai and Cuma

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm


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