CP Cuma Black Matt #378


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This men’s visor ski helmet on sale the CP Cuma Black Matt #378 is one of the best helmets CP ever made with a climate control system & more. CP is convinced that you can always make the #378 visor ski helmet for men even better than the best, and from this point of view came Cuma ski helmet with visor model for men. Once again they have widened the gap between theirs and competitor All In One ski helmets with their innovative styling and functionality.

With decades of experience in ski helmet technology the CP Cuma Black Matt #378 Visor helmet for men is the result, providing a maximum of innovation, safety and comfort in the most fashionable helmet on the market. Originally evolving a desire to provide greater ski performance through improved vision, the Cuma Helmet with attached visor has evolved into a fashion statement.

The material used by CP is unrivaled in lightness and protection, passing all EN ratings while offering unparelled field of vision, so you can feel safe while improving your skiing. The EN rating is the most recognized and respected standards in the ski industry.

The removable ear pads provide reliable protection against cold, wind and wetness. The sophisticated construction of the ear pads ensures the acoustic requirements for communication and the necessary reception of noises on the slopes.

The DL or Double Lens is a polarized, rose colored vario lens with a bronze appearance. CP all in one helmets‘ top quality visors don’t just look good – they can easily be changed without any special tools so you can change your lens on the fly in the Gondola is the sun comes out or sets behind the next ridge.

There are limited number of the older model CP Cuma Black Matt #378 available making this men’s visor ski helmet on sale your opportunity to save big on the legendary CP Sports quality helmets! Looking for a women’s visor ski helmet on sale have a look at the #375 with paisley pattern.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm

Small, Medium, Large, XL


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