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When buying a new ski helmet one of the universally highest priorities is of course the safety, fortunately, all new CP Visor Ski Helmets are equipped with the ODSA (Omni Directional Shock Absorption) system, and this system has proven to offer more safety than any other helmet on the market.

man wearing visor ski helmetOnce we are confident that the helmet serves its purpose of protecting our precious head most consumers are concerned next with looks. We can’t help it, we really are a vain species and skiers are not victim to this phenomenon. One look at the new Corao+ Visor Ski Helmet and it is quickly apparent these are a sexy choice for your time on the slopes.

What comes third in many peoples decision making process is comfort, this can be determined to some degree by how it fits, here again CP Sports has this covered with the size adapting system that lets you dial in the fit perfectly. This adjustable fit along with the plush inner lining that can be removed and washed and you are now wearing a really comfortable helmet.

One thing you cannot really test in the ski shop or when browsing ski helmets online is the ventilation system. How well does it ventilate the helmet, how easy is it to adjust or does the helmet even have a ventilation system at all? Some cheaper model ski helmets will forgo this to save money, others may add vents but not give the wearer the ability to control them. Either of these money-saving options can leave you with a helmet that is either too cold in mid-winter conditions or too hot in the spring on warmer ski days.

Ski helmet controllable air systemThis is where we would like to introduce the Climate+ system for the last two generations of CP Visor Ski Helmets. Originally introduced on the CUMA and now available on the CORAO+ models visor ski helmet.

So what exactly about Climate+ makes it a “system”? It is the combination of not only an easily adjustable set of vents that can be opened to the exact amount you need to dial in the temperature to your liking, paired with a membrane that is both waterproof and breathable. This membrane is refered to as CP-TEX and it allows moist, warm air to escape from the interior of the helmet while at the same time not allowing snow and water to penetrate it and make you wet. This lining may sound trivial but this is next level comfort and performance and once you experienced it you will never go back. Helmets without this feature can allow you to get wet while it is snowing or if you fall and get snow in your vents. Once wet your head can become so cold it can end your day of skiing no matter how warm you previously were. The lever that allows you to adjust the vents is easily controlled by feel so you can leave the helmet on and with your gloves on so no concern about dropping one of these either. Slide the vents open when you board the chairlift and close at the top in a second if you please or even while skiing. The Climate+ and CP-TEX system ensure you are always pleasant and dry and the exact temperature you want.

ski helmet ventsIf you are looking for the best fitting visor ski helmet that offers the pinnacle of protection and the ability to dial in the comfort with ease choose from any of our CORAO+, CORAO, CUMA or CAMURAI models. With the ability to change visors and all the benefits a visor offers over traditional goggles you are going to love your new ski helmet!

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