DL Vario Brown Pol Ice Mirror Visor #16


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  • Double Lens
  • Brown Ice Mirror
  • Anti-Fog Between Lenses
  • Vario (Light Intelligent Photochromatic)
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Round 1.6 Shape
  • Polarized
  • Ideal for All Light Conditions


The DL Vario Brown Polarized Brown Ice Mirror CP #16 visor is a great all-weather double visor lens and works great in all light conditions. The “Ice” give the visor a slight bluish tint for an accent to the style. With premier glare protection from the sun and its reflection of off the snow.  It has further protection through its vario meaning photochromatic ability to adjust to different incoming light levels. The dual lens has its anti-fog coating between the lenses to prevent it from steaming up when you heat up, with the anti fog coating between the lenses it can not be damaged, so it will last. CP‘s vario visors are also called self tanning visors giving great protection for your eyes and relieves eye strain in changing light conditions. This visor also has 100% UV protection.

This all weather visor lens is very similar to the #11 and the #13 we just want to give you options to accent your helmet as you like, creating the style that fits your personality. After all skiing has always had a strong sense of style and personal expression.

The combination of Polarization with the Vario “Photochromatic” properties classifies the #16 as one of CP All In One Visor ski helmet visors in the “Comfort Lens” class. The Comfort Lenses combination of features reduce eye strain which improves performance and safety over a demanding day of skiing by reducing eye fatigue from glare. The improved contrast of the Polarization further reduces this eye fatigue allowing you to see and ski your best all day long.

This visor fits Camurai, Cuma visor ski helmets.

Visor Detail: Light Absorbtion: 20–81%, Light transmission VLT: 9–43%, Protection level: S1–S2


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