CP SL Visor #3


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CP SL Visor #3 with clear lens no Mirror but single lens

This is another very affordable visor to add to you quiver for your CP visor ski helmet. Being a non mirror visor this is a flat light visor that allows you to see contrast on overcast days. With Anti-fog to keep clear when skiing hard or accessing hike to terrain and breaking a swear. A bad weather glass with no mirror while still offering complete UV protection. Made with the quality construction that CP is becoming known for and separating itself from other Visor ski helmet manufactures so you have years of life.

Caution! the anti fog coating is on the inside of the lens and if becoming wet do not rub it. The coating is slightly sticky but is very effective and delicate but will come off when rubbed. Cleaning it is recommended by just dabbing it.

The abreviation of SL stands for single lens and the DL stands for double lens. With the double lens the anti fog coating is between the two lens and therefore is totally protected and can not be accessed. The cleaning of a DL Visor is totally safe to rub.

CP SL Visor #3  Light transmission is 100%, a true clear visor.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 cm


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