Urban Bike Helmet Earpads



Our Urban Bike Helmets are the ideal solution for your commuter or EBike needs with certified protection and the visor that offers additional protection beyond most city bike helmets.

The CP Urban Bike Helmet offers an additional feature above most other E-Bike helmets that offer more protection from the elements and noise, these are the removable ear pads. Leather on the outside to stand up daily wear and tear from rain or snow and sun exposure. Soft on the inside for comfort and to prevent chaffing. With the ear pads in and visor down your head is more protected than you will find from any other EBike helmet or commuter bike helmet.

If you are looking for a Urban bike helmet for your bike commute or just something stylish to wear to get you around town this is your helmet. Available in four great styles, the black matte helmet is a classic look and goes with anything. The White is a modern look that is ideal for someone who wants a clean looking bike helmet but is not too daring. The Wood Grain Urban bike helmet is super cool and cutting edge and an ideal E-Bike helmet for the hipster out there. The Metallic Silver commuter bike helmet is the next generation look for city bike helmets and will really set you apart on your bike commute.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm


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