Carachillo City Bike Helmet White



Looking for the perfect city bike helmet for your commute to work, a helmet that looks cool, is super comfortable and passed international helmet regulations? Then the Carachillo Urban Bike Helmet from CP Sports is the helmet you have been looking for!

Made by the leader in Visor ski helmets CP Sports has a decade of experience in making helmets. Protecting your head is the most important function of any bike helmet and these new bike helmets are built on the knowledge gained in making lightweight helmets that get the job done.

The size adapting system is controlled by a single dial and can be adjusted with one hand. Ideal for changing hair styles or pairing your new city bike helmet with a hat for colder days. The removable ear pads ad an extra level of versatility in climate control and riding preferences.

The visor protects your eyes and face from the elements, rain and snow, as well as road debris and bugs. Making your bike commute all the more comfortable and safe.

Try the Carachillo city bike helmet and see what you have been missing, available in 4 sizes to fit any size head.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 11 cm

Small, Medium, Large, XL


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