CP 1.6 DL Visor #10 Polarized Vario Lens


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A great polarized lens for all conditions, similar to the #8 but this one is a little easier to clean being a Double Lens than a single lens. Reason being the anti-fog coating is between the lenses so if the inerior lens gets dirty you can clean aggressively while with the single lenses you need to dab as you can damage the anti-fog. The lens does favor low light conditions but the Vario allows it to adjust to a variety of conditions.

The CP Polarized Vario lens is an all-weather glass lens and is suitable for all light conditions with premier glare protection from the sun and its reflection of the snow. The dual lens has an anti-fog coating between the lenses to prevent it from steaming up when you heat up, with the anti fog between the lenses you can not damage it so it lasts longer. CP‘s self tanning visor offers great support for your eyes and relieves eye strainin changing light conditions. This visor offers 100% UV protection.

This visor fits Camurai, Cuma, Curako visor ski helmets.

Visor Detail: Absorbation: 57–91%, Light transmission: 9–43%, Protection level: S2–S3

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 cm


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