CP 1.6 Visor #8 single lens Polarized Clearvision


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This clearvision visor ski helmet lens has the highest contract of any of our CP Visors, if you are skiing with these and do not have a bright light lens you can wear sunglasses underneath, that is one of the benefits of the Visor Ski Helmet as there is plenty of room under the visor for a pair of sunglasses.

The CP Polarized Clearvision All-weather lens is made from polarized material for antireflective vision and increased contrast, making this the best lens for flat light with the highest contrast of any of our lenses. With optimal glare protection and 100% UV protection to protect your eyes and fog stop coating for clear vision even when you heat up.

This visor fits Camurai, Cuma, Curako visor ski helmets.

Polarized, Absorbation: 57–81%, Light transmission: 19–43%, Protection level: S2

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 cm


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