CP Corao+ Shiny White 413


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  • ODSA Protection System
  • Active Ventilation | Full Leather Earpads | Wool Nylon Blend Lining
  • Carbon Topshell | Hyrbrid Construction | Super Lightweight & Strong
  • Double Lens Visor With Anti-Fog Coating
  • Controllable Air System for Changing Conditions
  • Easy to Use One Handed Size Control
  • Changeable Visor for Different Skiing Light Conditions
  • Visor Easily Fits Over Glasses
  • Removable Ear-pads Allow You To Customize Your Helmet
  • All CP Ski Helmets are European CE Test Seal Approval
  • The Vario Lens Adjusts to Changing Light Conditions


Introducing the brand-new CP CORAO+ #413 women’s ski helmet with visor and ODSA, the new European (Omni Directional Shock Absorbtion) system. This new technology pioneered by CP provides enhanced protection in the event of an angled impact.

The new CP CORAO+ Shiny White #413 with ODSA has a very sporty shape and comes in fresh colors for the 2021/2022 ski season. This version is shiny white and comes with 3 visor options, choose from the #28 Double lens Vario Polarized Red Mirror Visor or #20 Double lens Vario Pink Mirror  visor or #18 Single lens Blue Mirror visor. See more details on visors below.

The unisex design looks great on both men and women and the size adapting system lets you dial in the fit perfectly. Like previous generations of CP visor ski helmets you get the Controllable Air System so the helmet is ideal for the entire ski season and you can swap out visors depending on light and snow conditions.

This protection upgrade makes what was already the best visor ski helmet even better, the CP CORAO+ Shiny White #413 women’s ski helmet with visor with ODSA is the helmet for comfort, protection and performance.

Visor #28 DL Polarized Vario Lens Red Mirror COMFORT LENS Range
This all-weather lens is suitable for all light conditions but its specialty is increased contrast vision in flat/low light conditions. For sunny days the vario function will darken the lens and the polarization provides excellent glare protection. The mirror lens has an anti-fog coating. CP‘s self tanning visor effectively supports and relieves your eyes in changing light conditions. 100 % UV protection.
The polarized lens reduces reflections on snow and ice and increases contrast.
Light transmission VLT: average range about 65%

CP Visor #20 DL Vario WP Mirror 2.7 Form.
New lens for Season Winter 20/21. Its the same visor construction and performance as the #23 but has a different colored mirror and therefore has a lighter rating of S1 meaning lets more sunlight in but also allows more light coming through lens in low light conditions. The Vario effect changes with lighting conditions, skiing the in the shade on one run and in the sun the next and this lens adapts to accommodate. The mirror lens offers the ultimate in protections for your valuable eyes offering 100% UV protection. Combined with the DL (double lens) you are getting the highest optical quality  most durable visor made. Topped of with the anti-fog coating to keep the lens from fogging up when you are charging hard down your favorite double black run, where every turn counts.
The dual lens construction has an anti-fog coating between the lenses to prevent it from steaming up when you heat up, with the anti fog between the lenses you can not damage it so it lasts longer. CP‘s self tanning visor offers great support for your eyes and relieves eye straining in changing light conditions. This visor offers 100% UV protection. Light transmission VLT: average range about 72%

CP visor #18 Single Lens Blue Mirror. Good transparency 65% all weather use with anti fog coating and 100% UV protection,.

This visor fits Camurai, Cuma,Carachillo, Curako visor ski helmets.
Visor Detail: Absorbation: 57–91%, Light transmission: 9–43%, Protection level: S2–S3

Click here to learn more about how the ODSA System protects you.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 10 cm

Small, Medium, Large


#18 SL Blue Mirror, #20 DL vario WP Mirror, # 28 DL vario pol Red Mirror


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