CP Camurai Carbon #165


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The CP CAMURAI black carbon ski helmet with visor is a beautiful helmet with the superior protection of carbon and the #165 model with the DL Blue Mirror Vario Lens is one of our personal favorites here at StefanKaelin.com.  The carbon material is unrivaled for protection and lightness and the blue lens enhances the visual affect of the carbon creating a helmet with a stunning appearance.

CP remains at the forefront of visor ski helmet development by creating an atmosphere where design and manufacturing coexist in perfect harmony. Every seemingly inconspicuous detail of the helmet is scrutinized to make sure it achieves the excellence that makes the basis of the CP All In One ski helmet philosophy.

The interaction between the helmet and the wearer directly impacts many aspects of your skiing experience. The greater field of vision allows for better performance on the mountain. The superior comfort achieved through quality materials and the innovative, adjustable climate control system allow for all day comfort in a variety of conditions. Lastly the elegance in excellence Swiss design sets you apart from the crowd with a distinguished appearance not found in other ski helmets.

The variable all-weather double lens adapts to weather and lighting conditions , so your lens actually adapts as you change aspects of the mountain and sun angles. The Vario lens has an anti-fog coating and thus prevents the formation of condensation. With CP‘s self tanning visor you get a lens that effectively supports and relieves your eyes in changing light conditions.

100% UV protection is retained.
Lens data: Light Absorbtion:20–91%; Light transmission: 9–80%, Protection level: S1–S3

Natually the visor can easily be exchanged with out any tools. CP is the only visor helmet brand that offers an extensivecollection of visors. The different variations are: single lens visors in orange, clear with and without mirror, polarized clear vision, and DL visors vario or photochromatic in different color versions and with polarization.

If you are looking for a visor carbon ski helmet to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer over traditional ski helmet and goggle combinations this is the perfect helmet for you.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm

#23 DL Vario SI Mirror Visor, #28 DL vario Pol red mirror


Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL


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