About Audio Systems

Audio systems for your ski helmet that allow you to  listen to music, make phone calls and communicate with other helmet wearers while on the slopes.

Complete your visor ski helmet with a blue tooth sound system that allows you to connect up to two phones at one time and listen to your music, your books, your podcasts while skiing. Boost the psyche on your favorite ski run by rocking out to your favorite songs at your control.

Skiing a new mountain let GPS coordinates in audio guide you.

Our “Hands Free system” is important when skiing. To answer a call all you do say is “hello” and when the call is over it automatically goes back to your music.

A 2 hour charge time gives you 8 hours of audio on your new ski helmet audio system, that is more time than your legs will be able to hold up for!

These are just few of the features of the CP All In One Ski Helmet Audio System, click through a specific model to learn more.

Currently we have two models of our TWIINS ski helmet speaker systems, one in white leather and one in black pleather.