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The Camurai Titan Matt White Visor Ski Helmet is the sister helmet of the all Titan ST and is a new color for this season. It is the most advanced sale ski helmet with visor you will find in terms of performance and convenience. The grey titan color is timeless so this helmet will be in style for years.

  • The visor concept provides a significantly greater field of vision then traditional skiing goggles.
  • The annoying topic of lost or forgotten goggles is thing of the past.
  • Wearer of glasses simply wear them comfortably below the visor.
  • All Camurai ski helmets are equipped with adjustable air-flow system for comfort at all times.
  • With the ingenious CP size adapting system that is newly improved and allows adjustment to millimeter differences in head size.
  • A simple movement allows removing and replacing the ear pads. Audio ear pads to accommodate earphones are available as a separate accessory.

Visor Options for the CP Titan Matt White Visor Ski Helmet:

All visors are exchangeable and fit all models of the Camurai & Cuma.

Visor #1 Orange Silver Mirror. This all-weather lens is suitable for all light conditions as it has outstanding glare protection. 100% UV protection. The clear mirror surface lens has an anti-fog coating on the back. For cleaning treat gently, only dabbing is recommended.

Visor #8 Polarized Clear Vision Anti-fog. This all-weather lens is suitable for all light conditions, it has outstanding glare protection and has best contrast of all CP lenses and is therefore recommended for flat light conditions. 100% UV protection. The clear mirror surface lens has an anti-fog coating on the back.  For cleaning treat gently, only dabbing is recommended.

Visor #10 Double Lens Polarized Vario/photochromic Anti-fog. This all-weather lens is suitable for all light conditions as it has outstanding glare protection and contrast. The front clear mirror lens has an anti-fog coating on back and is protected. CP‘s photochromic visor effectively supports and relieves your eyes in changing light conditions. 100% UV protection is retained.

Visor # 13 Double Lens Vario Anti-Fog. This visor is very versatile and really good for all light conditions. It will get darker in bright sunshine and provide outstanding glare protection and 100% UV rays protection. The Anti-Fog coating in between the lenses, therefore will last.

The #8 Polarized Clear Vision visor not only accentuates the black visor ski helmets style but is our most popular lens for its performance on the mountain, especially in flat light conditions with excellent performance in a variety of conditions. Like all of our visor ski helmets you have a wider field of vision than with ski goggles, this allows you to ski more aggressively and with greater safety. You are more likely to see some of the objective hazards of skiing such as trees and other skiers on the slopes with the improved field of vision.

Want to upgrade your helmet with audio? Click here to add our TWIINS equipped audio earpads.

The CP Black Visor Ski Helmet are equipped with visors of outstanding optical quality. They also provide an invalueable advantage to eyeglass wearer, even with the visor closed there is enough room to allow wearing the glasses.

The controllable air system allows you to control the climate with one simple slider, allowing you great comfort in a wide range of conditions.

Size Matters – How to fit and size the CP all-in-one visor helmet:

 The correct fit and size affects the performance of the CP visor helmet system and is therefore of utmost importance.

1. Size: Select the smallest size possible that still is comfortable.

2. Position: wear helmet one finger above eyebrows with visor in top position

3. Size adapting system: turn Dial in back as snug to still be comfortable

4. Visor: move visor to lowest position

5. Fine adjustment: if necessary regulate pressure of foam on face by slightly moving helmet fore or aft.

6. Skiing in light powder conditions: press visor down well.

The CP Black All In One Ski Helmet size adapting system allows you to dial in the fit for comfort without pressure points.

Size Chart: (S 53-55cm) (M 56-58cm) (L 58-60cm) (XL 60-62cm)

Sale ski helmet CP Camurai Titan Matt White #161 with adjustable ventilation and size adapting system, this is a fully featured visor ski helmet marked down to limited inventory.

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With DL Visor Silver Mirror Visor, With Polarized Clear Vision Visor


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