Camurai+ Light Shiny Bronze 109


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  • Light Bronze Shiny Shell and Matte Black Body
  • Wool Blend Interior Lining
  • Classic Faux Leather Earpads
  • 3 Grommet Vents for Improved Hearing
  • Easy to Use One-Handed Size Control
  • Adjustable Cooling System
  • Changeable Visor for Different Skiing Light Conditions
  • Visor Easily Fits Over Glasses
  • All CP Ski Helmets are European CE Test Seal Approved
  • Hybrid Shell Is Strong and Light
  • Single Lens Visor
  • Unisex design


Camurai+ #109 Light Shiny Bronze Visor Ski Helmet On Sale

The Camurai+ is the most classic in the CP line and the #109 bronze visor ski helmet gives you a very stylish option to choose from. The light bronze shell and matt black body can go with any ski jacket while giving you something that stands apart from the large number of black, white and silver ski helmets you see on the slopes.


The wool blend lining is soft to the touch and the This CP-developed adjustable cooling system allows you to adjust the climate of the helmet’s interior space without blowing cold air around the head. With removable ear pads you have reliable protection against cold, wind and wetness that can be taken off for warm spring skiing days. The elegant construction of the ear pads ensures you can hear clearly while providing protection and warmth for your ears.


The Camurai+ is a hybrid helmet design that combines the advantages of a hard-shell and that of an inmold helmet. Made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) the top shell offers maximum protection while the inmold lining give you a lower weight resulting in an European CE Test Seal approved visor ski helmet this is stronger and lighter without sacrificing comfort.


SL Clear Silver Mirror Visor #31

The #31 is a Single Lens visor in Silver Mirror that allows you to see well in sunny conditions by reducing glare and increasing contrast in the snow. This lens is like all CP visor lenses equipped with anti-fog coating in back of the lens and has 100% UV protection.


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