CP offers 2 different visor forms. Teardrop shape1.6 and new square form 2.7
Both available in Single lens and Double lens.

The best for flat/darker light conditions are the single lens visors, the following shows how much light they let through to the eye:

  • Visor # 03 clear, no mirror, 1.6 teardrop form – 100%
  • Visor # 09 orange, no mirror, 1.6 teardrop form – 72%
  • Visor # 25 yellow, gold mirror, 2.7 square form – 69%


That’s the good news but these single lens visors have an anti fog coating in the back, which is very necessary and very delicate. If it gets wet for some reason rubbing it dry will take that coating off and the visor will become a fair weather visor and could fog up in snowy weather conditions.

The double lens visors don’t have that issue, they are easy to maintain but are more general all weather visors and all are vario’s (photo-cromatic). The visibility is slightly reduced because now you are looking through 2 lenses. We recommend:

  • Visor # 27 DL Vario MC Mirror, 2.7 square form – 65% estimate
  • Visor # 28 Dl Vario Pol Red Mirror 2.7 square form – 63% estimated
  • Visor # 15 DL Vario BR POL WH Mirror, 1.6 teardrop form – 63% estimated
  • Visor # 20 DL Vario WP Mirror, 2.7 square form – 62% estimated

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